• Vitalité MD - Your Virtual Health Coach

    Vitalité MD - Lifestyle Coaching
    Vitalité MD - Your Virtual Health Coach

    A 25-week step-by-step plan guiding you
    towards your healthiest self.

  • Healthy Lifestyle Workbook

    Vitalité MD - Lifestyle Coaching
    Healthy Lifestyle Workbook

    Members receive a printed workbook featuring step-by-step
    advice and information on the fundamentals of healthy living.

  • The Daily Perk

    Vitalité MD - Lifestyle Coaching
    The Daily Perk

    Get inspired and stay motivated
    with insightful tips delivered to your inbox.

  • Weekly Planner

    Vitalité MD - Lifestyle Coaching
    Weekly Planner

    Members get a printed reusable calendar
    to plan activities for the upcoming week.

  • Online Tools

    Vitalité MD - Lifestyle Coaching
    Online Tools

    Gain access to exciting, clear online information
    to supplement the Healthy Lifestyle Workbook.

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Vitalité MD - Your Virtual Health Coach


Start the journey to your best self with Your Virtual Health Coach

Your Virtual Health Coach plan includes...

Your Virtual Health Coach is a 25-week plan for anyone interested in making significant healthy lifestyle changes. It addresses 3 fundamental aspects of a healthy lifestyle:

  • Nutrition
  • Physical Activity
  • Mind Care

Your Virtual Health Coach acts as a guide, a support system and a motivator to encourage better and better lifestyle choices.

The Healthy Lifestyle Workbook offers weekly written advice and guidance. In the Workbook you will be prompted to access the easy-to-use online information and resources on vitalitemd25.ca - Your Virtual Health Coach Website. The Website is a source of invaluable information like menu suggestions to supplement the Workbook and help you make lasting lifestyle changes and create the ideal you, the "new you". You will also receive support and advice delivered directly to your inbox - The Daily Perk.

The advice offered in this plan is based on recommendations supported by the medical community and recognized health groups like Health Canada, the Heart and Stroke Association, the Canadian Cancer Society and the Dietitians of Canada. Your Virtual Health Coach promotes the use of healthy REAL WHOLE food while avoiding fads, trends, supplements and meal replacements.